Posing & Stage Presentation

Competitors from local areas, out of province and overseas regularly seek out Mindi’s assistance. Her reputation as one of Canada’s premier posing coaches is exceeded only by her own ‘On Stage’ performances. The difference between a good competitor and a great competitor usually comes down to overall stage presentation and posing.


Posing allows the competitor to show his or her body in the best possible way no matter if you are bikini, figure, fitness or physique. As someone that has actually competed in all 4 different categories on the IFBB Pro Circuit, I feel my posing was a key factor in my success. Since then I have had the privilege to have coached over a hundred different clients from beginners entering in their first show to experienced Pros.

Athlete Services & Programs

Group Posing Session

Available for groups of 2 - 5
Prices are per person / per hour
Perfect for team members that are competing in the same division that want to share a posing session
*please contact Mindi for further info*
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One On One Posing

Private posing coaching
Working with Mindi in the “360 Room”
Get one on one attention & personal coaching from an experienced multiple champion
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One On One Posing Session

Groups of 5 or 10 session packages
Working with Mindi in the “360 Room”
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Online Coaching

SKYPE posing/video critique
30 minute sessions online SKYPE calls
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Posing Workshops

Mindi will be offering large posing and stage presentation workshops throughout the year.

This will be available and recommended to both beginner and veteran competitors.
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Mindi’s personal routines are renowned worldwide. She has a quality on stage that is both envied and admired and a grace and elegance that is show stopping. Mindi has won numerous “best poser” awards over her 22 years of competing.

Each routine is individually choreographed to suit your song choice, physique and personality. Her ability to interpret the music along with innovative and smooth transitions make her routines pleasurable to watch.

*Please contact Mindi for further info*

Online Coaching-Contest Prep

All programs are designed by Mindi & Dennis

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals and help you with goal setting-a client/athlete questionnaire will be required to be filled out and sent back, along with updated photos in a bikini-front, side and back.
  • We will discuss your strengths and weaknesses to determine what is possible for you.
  • Complete contest nutrition & supplement plans which can really make the difference for a physique athlete.
  • Nutrition and workouts will be adjusted when needed (bi-weekly or weekly)
  • Workouts designed to take your training to the next level.  These workouts will be changed as you progress toward your goals and as your physique changes.
  • Cardiovascular and additional conditioning programs to complement your training.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly progress photos
  • Access to fitness videos
  • Unlimited emails (please allow 24-48hr response time)
  • Posing photo or video analysis and practice throughout our training program.
  • Recommendations about suits, shoes, stage make-up and tanning.
  • Consultation about which contest(s) would be best for you.
  • FULL final week/peak week program-packing for competition, nutrition, training, etc…
  • Text or in person guidance during competition week and day of.
  • Post show critique- reset the mind and body.
  • Post show plans-nutrition and training

*Please contact Mindi for further information*